In addition to my scientific pursuits, I also play music.

I currently play in a band called Double Star. Co-founded in 2017, Double Star is a Boston-based, female-fronted, pop-rock celebration. Dubbed “Punky Doo-Wop” and “The Pixies of ska,” Double Star brings a mix of punk-rock riffs, high-energy horns, lush harmonies, and (arguably) excessive use of hyphenated words.




In 2011 I released an album of original songs called This Quiet Life.





In college I played with a steel band called Oberlin Steel (OSteel for short). It was challenging and awesome, and a highlight of my time at Oberlin. I played on two records with the group:
Fiery EP (2009)
Pan on the Moon (2008)

Here’s a (highly blurry!) video from our spring tour in 2008.


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