No. 30: Parks!

This sounded so great when I put it on the list. But good golly miss molly, there are like 5 bajillion parks in Seattle. (I guess let that be my problem. Too many parks instead of too few.) I decided to compile a list here, and to focus on ones that I haven’t been to yet!

Seattle Parks:

14th ave NW boat ramp (seriously this is a park??)
3001 E Madison (this seems like a tiny part of the Arboretum)
6th Ave NW Pocket Park
AB Ernst Park
Adams Street Boat Ramp
Albert Davis Park
Alki Beach Park
Alki Playground
Alvin Larkins Park
Amy Yee Tennis Center
Andover Place
Arapahoe Triangle
Arroyos Natural Area
Atlantic City Boat Ramp
Atlantic Street Park
BF Day Playground
Bagley Viewpoint
Baker Park on Crown Hill
Ballard Commons Park*
Ballard Corners Park
Ballard Playground*
Banner Way Triangle
Bar-S Playground
Bayview Playground
Bayview-Kinnear (Lower Kerry Park)
Beacon Hill Playground
Beacon Place
Beaver Pond Natural Area on Thornton Creek
Beck Place
Beer Sheva Park
Bell Street Park
Bellevue Place
Belltown Cottage Park
Belmont Place
Belvedere Park
Belvoir Place
Benefit Playground
Benvenuto Viewpoint
Bergen Place*
Bhy Kracke Park
Bitter Lake Playfield
Bitter Lake Reservoir Open Space
Blaine Place
Blue Dog Pond
Blue Ridge Circle
Blue Ridge Places
Boren Park
Boren Place
Boylston Place
Bradner Gardens Park
Brighton Playfield
Broadview Park
Bryant Neighborhood Playground
Burke-Gilman Playground Park
Burke-Gilman Trail*
Cal Anderson Park*
California Place
Camp Long
Carkeek Park
Carleton Center
Carleton Highlands
Cascade Place
Cascade Playground
Cedar Park
Cesar Chavez Park
Charles Richey Sr. Viewpoint
Cheasty Boulevard
Cheasty GS: Cheasty Blvd
Cheshiahud Lake Union Look
Chinook Beach Park
Christie Park
City Hall Park
Cleveland Playfield
Coe Play Park
College Street Park
College Street Ravine
Colman Park
Colman Playground
Columbia Park
Commodore Park
Condon Way Centerstrip
Corliss Place
Cormorant Cove
Cottage Grove Park
Counterbalance Park: An Urban Oasis
Cowen Park
Crescent Place
Crown Hill Glen
Crown Hill Park
Daejeon Park
Dahl Playfield
Dakota Place Park
David Rodgers Park
Day Street Boat Ramp
Dearborn Park
Delridge Playfield
Denny Blaine Lake Park
Denny Blaine Park
Denny Park
Denny Playfield
Discovery Park
Don Armeni Boat Ramp
Dr. Blancke Lavizzo Park
Dr. Jose Rizal Park
Duwamish Waterway Park
EC Hughes Playground
East Montlake Park
East Portal Viewpoint
East Queen Anne Playground
Eastlake Triangle
Eastmont Place
Eddie Vine Boat Ramp
Ella Bailey Park
Emma Schmitz Memorial Overlook
Endolyne Park
Ercolini Park
Fairmount Plauground
Fairview Park
Fairview Walkway
Fauntleroy Creek Ravine
Fauntleroy Park
Fauntleroy Place
Ferdinand Street Boat Launch
Firehouse Mini Park
First Hill Park
Fletcher Place
Flo Ware Park
Freeway Park
Fremont Canal Park*
Fremont Peak Park
Frink Park
Froula Playground
Garfield Playfield
Gas Works Park*
Genesee Park and Playfield
Georgetown Playfield
Gerber Park
Gilman Playground
Golden Gardens Park*
Grand Army of the Republic Cemetary
Green Lake Park*
Greenwood Park
Greenwood Triangle
Greg Davis Park
Hamilton Viewpoint Park
Harborview Park
Harrison Ridge Greenbelt
Harvard-Miller/Roanoke Annex
Herring’s House Park
Hiawatha Playfield
Highland Drive Parkway
Highland Park Playground
Highland Place
Hing Hay Park
Hitt’s Hill Park
Homer Harris Park
Horiuchi Park
Horton Hill Corridor
Howell Park
Hubbard Homestead
Hunter Boulevard
Hutchinson Playground
Hyde Place
I-5 Colonnade
Interbay Athletic Complex
Interbay Golf
Interbay P-patch
Interlaken Park
International Childrens Park
Inverness Ravine Park
Jackson Park Golf Course
Japanese Garden
Jefferson Park
Jefferson Park Golf Course
Jimi Hendrix Park
John C. Little, Sr. PArk
Judge Charles M. Stokes Overlook
Judkins Park & Playfield
Junction Plaza
Katie Black’s Garden
Kerry Park*
Keystone Place
Kilbourne Park
Kingfisher Natural Area on Thornton Creek
Kinnear Park
Kirke Park
Kiwanis Memorial Preserve Park
Kobe Terrace
Kubota Garden
Lake City Memorial Triangle
Lake City Mini Park
Lake People’s Park
Lake Union Park
Lake Washington Boulevard
Lakeridge Park
Lakeridge Playground
Lakeview Park
Lakeview Place
Lakewood Moorage
Lakewood Playground
Lakewood Triangle
Lambert Place
Landing Parkway
Laurelhurst Playfield
Laurelhurst Triangle
LaVilla Meadows Natural Area on Thornton Creek
Lawton Park
Leschi Park
Leschi-Lake Dell Natural Area
Lewis Park
Licorice Fern Natural Area on Thornton Creek
Licton Springs Park
Lincoln Park
Linden Orchard Park
Little Brook Park
Llandover Woods Greenspace
Longfellow Creek GS: North
Lowman Beach Park
Loyal Heights Playfield*
Lynn Street Mini Park
MacLean Park
Madison Park*
Madison Park North Beach
Madrona Briar Patch
Madrona Park
Madrona Playground
Madrona Ravine
Magnolia Greenbelt
Magnolia Manor Park
Magnolia Park
Magnolia Playfield
Magnolia Tidelands Park
Maple Lead Community Garden
Maple Leaf Reservoir Park
Maple School Ravine
Maple Wood Playfield
Marra-Desimone Park
Marshall Park
Martha Washington Park
Martin Luther King JR Memorial
Marvin’s Garden*
Matthews Beach Park
Mayfair Park
McClellan Place
McCurdy Park
McGilvra Boulevard
McGilvra Place
Meadowbrook Playfield
Me-Kwa-Mooks Natural Area
Me-Kwa-Mooks Park
Meridian Playground
Miller Playfield
Miller Triangle
Mineral Springs Park
Mock Creek Ravine
Montlake Boulevard
Montlake Playfield
Morgan Junction
Mount Baker Boulevard
Mount Baker Park
Mount Claire Park
Mt. Baker Ridge Viewpoint
Myrtle Edwards Park
Myrtle Reservoir
Nantes Park
Nathan Hale Playfield
NE 60th Street Park
Nora’s Woods
North Beach Park
North Passage Point Park
Northacres Park
Northeast Queen Anne Greenbelt
Northgate Park
Northlake Park
Northwest 60th Viewpoint
Observatory Courts
Occidental Square
Olympic Sculpture Park*
Open Water Park
Orchard Street Ravine
Othello Playground
Oxbow Park
Park Home Circle
Parkmont Place
Parsons Gardens
Peace Park*
Pelly Place Natural Area
Peppi’s Playground
Picardo P-patch
Piers 62 and 63*
Pigeon Point Park
Pinehurst Pocket Park
Pioneer Square*
Piper’s Creek Natural Area
Plum Tree Park
Plymouth Pillars Park
Powell Barnett Park
Pratt Park
Prefontaine Place
Prentis I. Frazier Park
Pritchard Island Beach
Puget Boulevard Commons
Puget Creek Greenspace
Puget Park
Puget Ride Playground
Queen Anne Boulevard
Queen Anne Bowl Playfield
Rainbow Point
Rainier Beach Playfield
Rainier Place
Rainier Playfield
Ravenna Boulevard
Ravenna Park
Ravenna Park Triangle
Ravenna Ravine
Ravenna Woods
Ravenna-Eckstein Park
Regrade Park
Riverview Playfield
Roanoke Park
Roanoke Street Mini Park
Rogers Playground
Ross Playground
Rotary Viewpoint
Roxhill Park
Sacajawea Playground
Salmon Bay Park
Sam Smith Park
Sandel Playground
Schmitz Boulevard
Schmitz Preserve Park
Seacrest Park
Seola Park
Seven Hills Park
Seward Park
Sierra Place
Smith Cove Park
Solstice Park
Soundview Playfield
Soundview Terrace
South Park Meadow
South Park Playground
South Passage Point Park
Spring Street Mini Park
Spruce Street Mini Park
St. Marks Greenbelt
Stan Sayres Memorial Park
Stevens Place
Stevens Triangle
Sturgus Park
Sturtevant Ravine
Summit Place
Summit Slope Park
Sunnyside Ave N Boat Ramp
Sunset Hill Park
Sunset Place
SW Queen Anne Greenbelt
TT Minor Playground
Tashkent Park
Terry Pettus Park
Thayer lace
Thomas C. Wales Park
Thomas Street Mini Park
Thorndyke Park
Thornton Creek Park #1
Thyme Patch Park
Tilikum Place
Trolley Hill Park
Twelfth Avenue South Viewpoint
12th West & West How Park
Union Station Square
University Circle
University Lake Shore Place
University Playground
Ursula Judkins Viewpoint
Van Asselt Playground
Victor Steinbrueck Park
Victory Creek Park
Victory Heights Playground
View Ridge Playfield
Viretta Park
Virgil Flaim Park
Volunteer Park*
Volunteer Park Conservatory*
Wallingford Playfield*
Wallingford Steps*
Walt Hundley Playfiend
Ward Springs Park
Warren G. Magnuson Park*
Washington Park and Arboretum
Washington Park Playfield
Washington Street Boat Landing
Waterfront Park
Weather Watch Park
Webster Park
Wedgewood Square
West Duwamish GS: Puget Park
West Ewing Mini Park
West Montlake Park
West Queen Anne Playfield
West Seattle Golf Course
West Seattle Stadium
Westcrest Park
Westlake Greenbelt
Westlake Park
Westlake Square
William Grose Park
Williams Place
Wolf Creek Ravine Natural Area
Woodland Park*
Woodland Park Rose Garden
Woodland Park Zoo*
Yesler Playfield
York Park
York Playground


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