A paltry introduction

2013-03-12 13.01.25

So, by way of introduction, I got asked (picked? hired?) to blog for ARVO (the Association for Research in Vision and Opthalmology) about all the amazingness Seattle has to offer on a budget, so that the students & trainees coming into town for ARVO’s conference would have some idea as to how to entertain themselves when not filling their brains with knowledge. As an ardent Seattle-lover and someone who frequently identifies as ‘broke grad student,’ I thought this would be a perfect fit. (Plus, the free conference registration and a little extra $ doesn’t hurt.)

It also felt like it gave me the impetus to keep something of the sort on my own. A little catalogue of my experiences here in this wonderful city, and this intense, awesome, and challenging time in my life. I know all too well that memory is a fickle mistress and seems to perhaps be rewriting itself many times over.  So here goes: I often try to do things, and occasionally succeed.


P.S. Sometimes I identify as a potato. Just for future reference.


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