Brunch club resurrected


[Little preface: I found this post hiding in my drafts. Why didn’t I publish it? I have no idea. But even though it’s a year old, it remains true. I still love brunch, and Brunch Club will be a thing! Now, enough meta-posting; onto the real thing!]

It seems to be a theme with me, but whenever it gets nice out I feel inspired to update. Lately something happened of note: I was asked by two friends on separate occasions for brunch recommendations. Shocking! (Okay, not at all shocking. Not even particularly remarkable.) So I went about compiling a list of brunch options for said friends and as I probably should have predicted, I went a little overboard what with the details and number of suggestions. Thankfully my friends did not reply with TL;DR. Anyway, the point of this whole non-story is to say that it occurred to me while writing these ridiculous brunch emails that I should absolutely have a brunch post! Likely this will be a series of posts because the number of restaurants I can write about, combined with my verbose enthusiasm would lead to one ungodly long entry. For all of our sakes I will avoid that.

In that vein, here is the inaugural post in a little series I’m going to call Brunch Club. Inspired in part by an actual occasional brunch club with two good friends that has introduced me to several of my favorite brunch spots.

Who’s hungry?

A perfect NY breakfast.

A perfect NY breakfast.


Okay, let’s start with a neighborhood standard.

Hattie’s Hat
Let me tell you something. Hattie’s is a great place to come when you need a hangover brunch. It’s a kind of dark (without feeling dirty or gross), you don’t feel like you need to impress anyone, and they serve the kind of perfect brunch faves that will sop up all of the weird acid-alcohol heinousness going on in your body.

Hattie's entrance


Recommendation 1: Aunt Harriet’s Country Breakfast. Seriously, this is effing delicious. Biscuits and gravy + two eggs + hash browns + sausage/bacon. You absolutely have to get over the heart attack-inducing factor of this breakfast to enjoy, but sometimes you it’s worth it.

Recommendation 2: Chang’s Migas. I am a sucker for all things mexican or tex-mex, and this totally hits the spot. Eggs loaded up with lots of veggies and cheese, served with black beans on the side. This is obviously not a light breakfast, but as the name implies, brunch is meant to do the duty of two meals and this will do just that!

Go to Hattie’s on a Sunday and you can walk off all of this awesomeness by strolling the Ballard Farmer’s Market!


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